Hang In There

Lesley Leslie -new Clarion photoBy Lesley Leslie

The second month of the New Year is upon us and there are probably some among you that did not get off to a great start with your New Year’s resolutions. So, maybe you eagerly signed up for a membership at the new fitness center around the corner from your house but haven’t actually started going yet. Or perhaps you enrolled in night school to complete your GED and now you are having second thoughts about starting the classes.

Perhaps you started a savings account with your very first paycheck of the year, with the intention of saving for that dream vacation. Only since then, you had to withdraw the money after two weeks because of an unforeseen car repair.

Don’t be discouraged, you can start again!

In life, things don’t always work out the way we plan or when we plan them, for that matter. The important thing to do is to keep at it, keep trying!  Along with a new year, many of us will place expectations on others and ourselves to do what we may not have been able to do the year before. When things don’t necessarily happen right away, disappointment can take hold and turn into doubt. Eventually, doubt can manifest into discouragement and, before you know it, you will have convinced yourself that the thing you aspired to do is impossible. Don’t be discouraged, you can start again!

Remember, as long as you have life, you still have a chance.  The first month of the year may be gone but as long as you still have will power, you can start all over again this month.  Be encouraged! Better late, than never.

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