New Community Corporation’s Department of Real Estate Development is driven by the mission of NCC to improve the quality of life of the residents we serve by creating affordable housing that rebuilds communities and re-creates stable neighborhoods. 

The Department of Real Estate Development enhances neighborhoods by emphasizing a holistic approach to development that never loses focus of a community’s needs or vision. The department has been active from the inception of NCC and has a staff well-versed in the development process, including both the financing and construction of facilities that create strength for communities. Some of the construction is managed and performed by NCC’s Environmental Services Department.

Many energy-saving measures are being instituted at NCC’s residential and commercial properties. The improvements include the installation of high efficiency boilers, hot water heaters, boiler controls, ventilation systems, variable speed pumps, insulation and weather stripping.  These improvements will save thousands, lower our carbon footprint and ensure residents’ comfort for years to come. NCC is pursuing a number of solar project initiatives which will also reduce costs as well as our carbon footprint. Funding is provided by federal, state and PSE&G grants and loans.

Current Project

NCC is currently developing a 120-unit housing project on the Homes Court two-acre site. The development will include 40 one-bedroom and 80 two-bedroom units including 10 special needs units for the physically challenged. The project will also include  community space and on-site parking. NCC has identified the sources of capital and will be submitting applications to the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency and New Jersey Economic Development Agency for financing in 2023.

History of New Community’s Real Estate Development

NCC is New Jersey’s largest nonprofit developer of housing and has more than 45 years of experience in developing, selling and managing affordable housing. While today’s NCC is an all-inclusive provider of services to the community, NCC had its beginnings in providing quality housing to low income families and seniors in desperate need. The first development activities focused on housing because the community stated housing as the greatest need.

NCC’s first housing development opened in 1975. Today, NCC manages nearly 2,000 units of housing as well as other community facilities that are home to some 4,000 people. The residential projects include rentals for individuals, families and senior citizens, and units that are sold usually to first time buyers.

The most recently completed project is Better Life, which began serving members of the community in 2018 and has three distinct offerings. The Better Life Engagement Center welcomes any individual experiencing homelessness. Staff members help visitors obtain documents, find permanent housing, search for jobs, write resumes and prepare for interviews. Essex County Wellness Respite Services is available for individuals in crisis who have mental health or substance abuse issues. The program offers 10-day stays in private bedrooms and teaches guests skills to cope with their issues. The second floor of Better Life provides supportive housing units for chronically homeless individuals.

NCC is pursuing a new initiative to build and sell two- and three-family units to first time home buyers. These activities will help fight the problem of gentrification which is threatening the ability to provide affordable housing in our neighborhood.