Hello and welcome to the New Community Corporation website. I hope you are able to get a feel for our work and get answers to any questions you may have. 

We are many things to many people and have been at our work for over 50 years. As our mission statement says, NCC is about helping people improve the quality of their lives, God given dignity and personal achievement. We go about our mission by endeavoring to meet people where they are and providing the help they need through housing, health and mental health services, education of children and adults, homeless housing and services, youth services, financial services and career and technical training, including job placement.

We do most of our support services ourselves and try to contract out as little as possible which makes us a major employer with almost 600 full-time employees. This allows for us to employ from the area we serve and creates economic activity for city businesses as employees spend their dollars in the community.

Doing this work for this many years has produced many success stories, a result of our dedicated staff who are truly focused on making a measurable, impactful difference in people’s lives and our numerous partners. This work depends on partnership.

I hope you enjoy exploring the website and getting to know us.


Richard Rohrman
CEO of New Community Corporation