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NCC Founder Monsignor William J. Linder, left, stands with Judge Irwin Booker, NCC's first attorney; Congressman Joseph Minish; Willie Wright, NCC's first President and founding board member; and Joseph Chaneyfield, Vice President and founding board member after the 1967 Newark Rebellion to discuss the development of safe, decent and attractive housing for the Black community.

Walk the Walk: NCC’s Pledge to Double Down on Social Justice

For more than 50 years, New Community Corporation has walked the walk of social justice, helping residents of inner cities improve the quality of their lives to reflect individual God-given dignity and personal achievement. After all, NCC was birthed from the literal ashes of the civil disorders of 1967 by a core group of Black community leaders and White allies, including a young priest named William Linder. Together, they modeled through word and deed the moral principle and reality that Black Lives Matter.

Today, just as in 1967, NCC joins in solidarity with all those who seek justice and an end to police brutality and racism. In these fifty plus years, some things have changed but others have unfortunately remained the same. Newark is on the rise and is a model for peaceful protests. However, the incidents of police brutality, senseless hate crimes and the ravages of COVID-19 throughout the Black community are reminders of systemic racism in our society.

To this end, NCC has pledged to double down on our existing initiatives to close the asset gap and reduce inequality in health care, education, affordable housing and workforce development. We will also lean in with the social justice advocacy groups New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, Newark Communities for Accountable Policing (N-CAP) and others.

Furthermore, we will continue our ongoing support of Mayor Ras J. Baraka’s initiatives toward racial and economic equity, including:

  • Equitable Growth Advisory Commission
  • Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB)
  • Newark Guaranteed Income Task Force
  • Newark 2020

As we face the unfolding events of 2020 and the transition to a changed world, we are reminded of our humble beginnings and that success is possible even in the most dire situations when people come together for the common good.

We invite all to join our charge as we embark on this journey for systemic change.

In solidarity,

A. Zachary Yamba
Chairperson, New Community Corporation Board of Directors

Richard Rohrman
CEO, New Community Corporation

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