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Security Operations Manager John Wade leads a training session for three supervisors Jan. 24. It’s part of a new initiative this year that will provide training to all members of the Security Department.

NCC Security Personnel Start Training Program

Members of the New Community Security Department will be undergoing new training throughout 2018. The process began with three supervisors participating in a three-day training Jan. 23-25 at St. Joseph Plaza.

“Through training, policies, rules and regulations, this is how we ensure officers are trained to do what needs to be done,” said Security Operations Manager John Wade.

Wade is leading the effort and is conducting the training with help from Human Resources Director Ben Galvez and Family Service Bureau Executive Director Manuela Garcia. Wade is certified to teach almost half of the curriculum at the Police Academy and has used that background to customize training for NCC personnel. He is leading the majority of the training. Galvez is reviewing HR policies and procedures with employees. Garcia is helping with the mental health aspect of the training, including de-escalation techniques.

The training covers areas including standard operating procedures, leadership and management, ethics, verbal de-escalation, incident command and active shooter. Wade also recently reworked the emergency plans for Community Hills Early Learning Center and Harmony House Early Learning Center and will review those plans as part of the training as well.

Training will be conducted in small groups throughout the year based on employees’ schedules and positions. Supervisors will receive training first, followed by dispatchers, patrol officers and officers at the various NCC sites. Some of the training will be specifically geared toward employees’ positions. Wade plans to have everyone complete three days worth of training.

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