How Are We Doing? Results Of Client Satisfaction Survey

Quality of care is a cornerstone at the Family Service Bureau (FSB) of Newark. Our latest survey continues to reflect a high level of satisfaction at both our Kearny and Newark facilities. In March, our clients evaluated our services, which include the following: mental health, family counseling and addiction counseling. Although there is always room for improvement, FSB is grateful for the recognition it received from its clients.

On a scale from 1= unhappy to 5= happy, the overall satisfaction with care was and average score of 4.65 for both sites in Kearny (4.8 score) and Newark (4.5 score). Clients identified many specific counselors that were very helpful. Here is a sampling of comments that survey participants shared on the survey:

“My counselor is great, a good listener and very understanding.”

“Great program.”

“The staff here is wonderful, the receptionists are warm and friendly, the counselors are considerate and informative.”

“My son has received valuable support and has tremendously improved since attending the program.”

“Coming here really helps me a lot. I enjoy coming it really helps me with my everyday life.”

The agency is staffed by professional mental health workers that possess licenses in social work, family therapy and mental health. Many of the licensed professionals also supervise graduate students from many of the local colleges and universities, such as Seton Hall, Rutgers, and Montclair State University.

Family Services Bureau also works closely with the public and charter schools in Newark and across the New Community network by providing trainings and employee assistance counseling.  The mission of FSB is to preserve, support, strengthen and enrich family life through prevention, intervention and community education programs that assist families, children and individuals to realize their full potential. The vision of the organization is to provide services to assist the community in its needs and be a leader in providing quality community-based services.

FSB is committed to the ongoing improvement of the quality of care its clients receive, as evidenced by the outcomes of that care.  The organization continuously strives to ensure that:

Treatment provided incorporates effective, evidence-based best practices

Services are appropriate to each person’s needs and available when needed

Each client’s individual needs and expectations are respected and that he or she has the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding a treatment plan

Services are provided with sensitivity, compassion and caring.

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