Victim Achieves Full Recovery

Victim of Hit & Run Achieves Full Recovery from NCC Extended Care Facility

Mr. A was a middle-aged man who was admitted to New Community Extended Care with a diagnosis of a fractured forearm and a fractured lower leg after being a victim of a hit and run by an unknown driver.

When Mr. A was admitted to NCC Extended Care Facility he was unable to walk, and was in severe pain. He was considered to be a non-weight bearing status on his forearm which prevented him from using a walker. Mr. A’s rehabilitation was further complicated by his history of mental retardation, which made follow through of rehab exercises and commands very difficult.

The NCC nursing and doctor staff worked with Mr. A and his family to make them comfortable during his stay in our facility. Working together, his family and the NCC staff used Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to help him regain his strength and improve his mobility.

Soon Mr. A was able to go home with his family, and was able to walk independently and without pain.