My Own Auto Body Center

Former NCC Automotive Trainee Now Owns Autobody and Gasoline Shop

Tarik started with NCC in 1995 as an automotive trainee.

Most graduates went to dealerships. He did not like that idea because at dealerships they usually work on one kind of car and Tarik felt that would limit his exposure to learn various types of cars.

Instead, Tarik went to STS Tire and Auto Service in Greenbrook, N.J. He stayed about three years and learned a lot and was exposed to a lot of different cars, such as high-end vehicles including Ferraris, Porches, Mercedes, etc.

STS sent Tarik to school to get Automotive Service of Excellence certification.  He was tested so he could be certified for brakes, exhaust and other categories.

Tarik left STS because money got “slow.” He then went to Midas in Clifton, N.J., and stayed for two years before moving to Midas in Totowa, N.J. where he stayed for three years. He started as a mechanic and became manager after two years working Clifton Midas and then worked as a manager in Totowa for another three years.

Tarik took a year’s break then moved to Pennsylvania. After a year, a friend told him about a shop in West Orange. It was a gas station with a mechanic shop. It offered good income and as he worked there, he watched money come in as a gas station auto shop. He did not realize that gas station auto shops made so much income. Tarik saw an excellent business opportunity for himself.

The same friend took him to a location in East Orange, which happened to be a gas station auto shop. He immediately decided to buy it in March of 2007. The business officially opened May 15, 2007 as MotorHead Auto Body Shop.

According to Tarik, the best thing about his venture is it left him feeling completely independent. He also felt as if he had entered the world of business and therefore was quite proud of his accomplishment.

Tarik returned to NCC frequently because it provided the inspiration for him to become a business owner.

He has even recruited new graduates to work at his shop. Tarik simply loved that he could do that and give back to NCC and its graduates.