Recovery After A Fall


Extended Care Resident Credits Facility With His Recovery

When Rickey Blue was admitted to the New Community Extended Care Center last June after a fall, he was almost completely dependent on staff to take care of basic needs such as feeding and bathing.

“I couldn’t walk, speak and was stiff as a board,” recalled Blue, 56, who was found lying on a sidewalk. “I was in terrible shape.”

But he says from day one, he was encouraged by the nursing staff, who believed he could and would get better.

“The nurses here are excellent,” he said. “Don’t take this place for granted. It’s more than what you see.”

With daily physical, speech and occupational therapy, Blue started to see advances. Walking was the most difficult part of his recovery. “That was a chore,” said Blue, a North Carolina native who did landscaping work before his injury. “I would get vertigo (dizziness) at first.”

Soon, however, Blue would be in his room anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rehabilitation team so he could start his daily therapy.

“He was on a stretcher when he started and regained his confidence, strength and soon was able to transfer to a regular chair. He’s come a long way,” said Toa Zoko, a physical therapy assistant who worked intensively with Blue.

Nkechi Ifejika, RN, who helped take care of him when he first arrived, said the strides Blue has made are evident, noting he is now able to walk completely unassisted, although he does have access to a wheelchair. During the recent Christmas Party at Extended Care, Blue danced for hours and enjoyed every minute.

“I would be a cripple, but they took care of me here,” he said. “I thought my life was over, but God had something else planned for me.”