New Community Youth Services Uses New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives Social Innovation Grant

New Community’s Youth Services Department was awarded a Social Innovation Grant from the New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives. The goal of the funding is to provide high-quality STEM programming (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) that encourages students to incorporate STEM learning into their everyday lives by providing hands-on experience and education. 

The program introduces 21st century STEM skills and includes weekly themes and challenges for its participants. Students from the NCC Neighborhood Center and Harmony House After School Programs participate in the program, which consists of two components. The first component of the curriculum is MAD Science Labs. Students were introduced to scientific exploration using varied topics and themes to explore, create and analyze while using their imagination to produce science models. This component is implemented by trained professionals to produce maximum efficiency and production. The second component of the curriculum focuses on robotics and coding with Social Emotional Learning practices integrated through VEX Robotics.

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