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Julienne Van-Nooten began serving as the Director of Admissions at New Community Extended Care Facility on April 18.

New Community Extended Care Welcomes New Director of Admissions

Julienne Van-Nooten may be new in her role as Director of Admissions at New Community Extended Care Facility, but she is no stranger to the organization or the work.

Van-Nooten graduated from the licensed practical nursing (LPN) program in 2012 that New Community used to offer and completed her clinicals at Extended Care. She enrolled in the LPN program to increase her clinical knowledge because she was already working in admissions for medical facilities. She has worked in admissions for many years and when she saw an opening at Extended Care, she saw it as an opportunity to further her career. She started working at the facility on April 18.

For Van-Nooten, working in the health care industry began when she was 21 and in school looking for employment. A friend encouraged her to get a job at the company she worked at, which was a home care agency. Van-Nooten took the advice and worked with individuals in their homes before becoming a home care coordinator and then a member of the admissions staff. Her work has become a passion.

“I love this field, the health care industry. Because it makes you feel that all of us can be affected, no matter what our job titles are. Sickness doesn’t discriminate,” she said. “And it put compassion and caring in my heart.”

Her values align with the mission of New Community.

“Treating people with respect and dignity, that’s what I like. That’s me,” she said. “And I’ll carry that with me wherever I go.”

New Community Chief Operating Officer Fred Hunter is happy to have Van-Nooten join the team.

“Julienne is familiar with New Community Corporation and understands the importance of service to the community. We welcome her back to New Community since she is a prior graduate of the organization’s LPN program,” he said. “Julienne comes to us with over 15 years of experience working in admissions.”

As the Director of Admissions at Extended Care, Van-Nooten’s primary responsibility is to bring individuals to the facility. To do that, she meets with families, provides tours, works with Administrator Veronica Onwunaka to promote services and collaborates with outside doctors, hospitals, case managers, discharge planners and home care agencies. She also works internally to ensure New Community residents know about the post-acute care Extended Care offers.

For the administrative side of her job, Van-Nooten does insurance updates, works with HMO agencies to authorize patient stays, assists families that need to apply for Medicaid and reviews referrals with the facility’s Director of Nursing.

Administrator Onwunaka said Van-Nooten is a team player who is very goal oriented.

“I see her as an achiever and a very ambitious person. And she’s very persistent and consistent in her message to get us where we need to go,” Onwunaka said. “I think she’ll be a great asset.”

Van-Nooten enjoys admissions work because her role helps people get needed services and helps the facility generate revenue to further improve.

“It gives me joy to see the patients come in and then get rehabilitated and go home,” she said. “That’s my favorite thing, to see the patients come in and to know that the facility is doing a good job.”

Van-Nooten’s goal is to promote Extended Care to Newark and the surrounding areas.

“I want this facility to be the number one choice for people in the community,” she said.

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