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Assistant Director of Property Management Priscilla Ordoñez, Security Capt. James Massey and Accounts Payable Supervisor Angela Williams, left to right, participated in the NCC Leadership Development Program.

NCC Offers Leadership Development Program

Fifteen New Community Corporation department leaders participated in the NCC Leadership Development Program during the month of July. The program was a collaboration between NCC and the Rutgers University Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE). NCC’s Human Resources Department worked with the OCPE to tailor the leadership program for NCC supervisors and directors with the goal of enhancing their leadership and managerial skills.

Participants were members of NCC’s Environmental Services, Finance, Property Management, Resident Services and Security departments. 

The program consisted of four courses, each lasting four hours: Employee Engagement (with an emphasis on increasing engagement), Performance Management (which taught practical tools and skills to improve employee confidence and performance), Emotional Intelligence (which is the ability of an individual to recognize their own and other’s emotions and understand their effects on the workplace) and Giving & Receiving Feedback. 

NCC was slated to host the program in person, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes moved online. They were still interactive, however, with an instructor and facilitator running the courses with participants engaging in the sessions.

“I enjoyed the training,” said Program Manager/Compliance Director Dametria Wertz. “The presenter was very upbeat and kept everyone engaged.”

Assistant Director of Property Management Priscilla Ordoñez agreed that the training was beneficial. 

“We explored many angles of principles of what good leadership is and it provided tools on how to keep staff and oneself motivated,” she said.

NCC hopes to continue collaborating with the OCPE to provide additional training to its employees.

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