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The Resident Services Department distributes food at 220 Bruce St., Newark, to those in need. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.

Resident Services in Action During COVID-19 Pandemic

Douglas Homes residents pick up food in the building’s Community Room, which was set up by Resident Services. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.
NCC’s Resident Services Department has continued providing food to those in need throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. From left to right: Manor Senior Resident Services Coordinators Erika Furcal and Guadalupe Cepeda and Home Friend Program Coordinator/Food Pantry Representative Flavia Pinheiro. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.
NCC families didn’t miss Easter because of the pandemic. Resident Services Coordinator Anibal Alvelo made up fun baskets to distribute for the holiday. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.
Associates Resident Services Coordinator Desiree Crespo hands a hot meal to a resident. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.
Meal distribution at Roseville Senior. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.
Central Ward Councilwoman Lamonica McIver, Pastor Bartley, the New Jersey National Action Network and World Central Kitchen provided free lunch to the residents of Douglas Homes April 9. Photo courtesy of Resident Services.

The Resident Services Department of New Community has continued to provide vital services to NCC residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resident Services Coordinators conduct phone wellness checks on residents twice per day. The calls range from five to 40 minutes and provide residents with a listening ear. Coordinators have managed more than 1,500 cases per month during the pandemic. In addition to the wellness checks, they provide rental payment and rental assistance reminders; assist tenants filing for unemployment; provide families with baby food, diapers and clothing as needed; help residents complete their census forms by phone or internet; assist residents who don’t normally file tax returns apply for stimulus checks; make routine hospital calls after admission to keep track of residents’ health and wellbeing; call in necessary prescriptions; teleconference with residents to assist with doctor calls after residents experience symptoms possibly related to COVID-19; and share resources related to COVID-19 with residents, including referrals to mental health services when needed.

The Emergency Food Pantry has remained in operation throughout the pandemic, providing food to the community on its regular schedule, opening the first business day after the 15th of each month. Food is also provided to the community on the first Tuesday of each month. During the pandemic, the Emergency Food Pantry has served more than 500 clients per month including seniors, adults and children. From March to April, the food pantry fed 1,069 clients. The number of individuals in need of assistance is expected to increase with a high unemployment rate.

Resident Services Coordinators have facilitated the distribution of meals to residents in NCC’s senior buildings, which have been provided by the City of Newark. They also ensure residents receive food commodities donated by food banks and others.

“The meals are sorted and delivered daily by the Resident Services Coordinators. They do a fantastic and tireless job in assuring that all who want a meal will receive a meal,” said Hector Torres, Director of Property Management. “Our Resident Services Coordinators have been true heroes from day one of this pandemic. I applaud them and their relentless efforts to make sure our residents are at least provided a meal or food during this crisis.”

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