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Environmental Services staff members Bryant Hall and Linda Studivant accept plaques recognizing their 35 years of service to New Community during the 2019 Employee Recognition Ceremony from NCC CEO Richard Rohrman, center.

Employees Recognized For Dedication To New Community

New Community Corporation held its 2019 Employee Recognition Ceremony Jan. 24 at St. Joseph Plaza where 59 employees were recognized for their years of service to the organization. Plaques were handed out to employees for reaching milestones of five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years with New Community.
“Everyone here is responsible for carrying out New Community’s mission,” said NCC CEO Richard Rohrman. “And you do such a wonderful job. I just really want to thank you and congratulate you for all of the hard work.”
Director of Human Resources Ben Galvez said the employees recognized have over 730 years of service to New Community collectively.
“Your collective years at New Community demonstrate your commitment to the people we serve that depend on us,” Galvez said. “It also shows your commitment to helping to fulfill our mission on a daily basis.”
Two employees from Environmental Services, Bryant Hall and Linda Studivant, were recognized for having the longest tenure of 35 years.
“Linda has been the smiling face and the happy voice that you hear whenever you call Environmental Services,” Rohrman said. “I’ve never heard a cross word, I’ve never heard a complaint. I’ve never heard anything other than, ‘What can I do to help?’ out of Linda in all these years.”
Rohrman said Hall can be seen throughout the NCC network.
“Every time you turn around, he’s always fixing a problem. He’s always there when you need him,” Rohrman said. “Whenever there’s a need, Bryant’s on the job. Bryant, thank you so much for all your contributions.”
NCC Chief of Staff Kathy Spivey received a plaque for 25 years of service. Rohrman called her the rock of New Community.
“She has been part of everything New Community has done. She brought the insights, the compassion, the ideas that have really helped form New Community,” he said. “She was with Monsignor every day and was part of making New Community what it is now.”
Director of Mission Frances Teabout shared a poem about how people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. She related it to New Community saying employees come to NCC for a reason (they need a job and the organization needs a role filled), some stay for a season (a while but then they decide to move on) and others stay for a lifetime.
“Today we just want to pause and thank you all for being a part of New Community, for being the spirit of New Community,” Teabout said. “Whether you’ve been here for a reason, which is now becoming a season, or for a lifetime.”
Employees recognized at the ceremony each received a plaque commemorating their years of service and were treated to lunch in their honor.
Five Years: Alicia Adams (SAIF), Akinade Adeyemi (Security), Leslie Andujar (Human Resources), Bridget Bouie (Security), Ramon Cabrera (Environmental Services), Alphonzo Clanton (Environmental Services), Dwayne Clyburn (Environmental Services), Frances Davis (HHELC), Mark Hall (Security), Jacqueline Henry (Extended Care), Evelyn John (CHELC), Sam Joseph (Environmental Services), Ronald Manning (Environmental Services), Gertrude McLean (CHELC), Rhonda Nobles (Extended Care), Helen Okafor (Extended Care), Elsie Palacios (CHELC), Ronald Prysock (Workforce Development), Joseph Takouezim (Management), Dametria Wertz (FSB), Wade Wilcher (Security) and John Zaccheus (YATC).
Ten Years: Solomon O. Airiofolo (Extended Care), Jerome S. Barrow (Security), Tangula Brown (HHELC), Nijeriah T. Coley-Severin (Extended Care), Rose Estaing (Extended Care), Cephus Harris (Environmental Services), Tamara Harris (Extended Care), Mary Ikpa (Extended Care), Ruth J. Kimutai (Extended Care), Ronda Lawrence (Environmental Services), John S. Mensah (Security), Rahel A. Nyambi (Extended Care), Lawretta Odih (Extended Care), Ngozi Onuoha (Extended Care), Rosa Ramirez (Adult Learning), Sattie Samkaran (Security) and Lateisha Telfair (CHELC).
Fifteen Years: Yetunde Amokun (Extended Care), Cristhian F. Barcelos (Adult Learning), Roxana Benjamin (Extended Care), Kala Boxcell (Extended Care), Peter Nyamo (Extended Care) and Prentiss Thompson (Security).
Twenty Years: Richard S. Cammarieri (Administration), Lourdes Fuentes (Resident Services), Elizabeth Mbakaya (Finance), Gwendolyn Robinson (Extended Care) and Delores Thomas (Extended Care).
Twenty-Five Years: Fitzroy Barnett (Harmony House), Gerard Mansare (Security), Wilson Medina (Environmental Services) and Kathy L. Spivey (Administration).
Thirty Years: William Folsom (Security), Samson Gebreyesus (Management) and Fany Lopez (Extended Care).
Thirty-Five Years: Bryant Hall (Environmental Services) and Linda C. Studivant (Environmental Services).

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