Editorial: Moving Forward With Monsignor Linder’s Mission

Editorial By NCC Board President Dr. A. Zachary Yamba

New Community Corporation suffered a great loss June 8 with the passing of Monsignor Linder, who was not only the founder of the organization but a constant presence and guide through the many changes that occurred over the past 50 years.

While we mourn this loss, we know that Monsignor’s spirit remains with us and his legacy lives on. We also know he would want us to continue to carry out the NCC mission: To help residents of inner cities improve the quality of their lives to reflect individual God-given dignity and personal achievement.

Monsignor left us with a well-established plan of action. Members of the board and the administration have to make sure the blueprint that has sustained New Community for the past 50 years will continue to be followed and expanded upon for the next 50 years.

As the board regroups and reviews the goals and challenges that face New Community, we are encouraged about the future. During the past few years, great strides have been made to stabilize the finances and leadership of the organization.

We also did an in-depth review of the services, especially in the area of housing, to ensure efficiency. Our goal is to continue to provide better services for the residents of the city and beyond.

While New Community transitions into the next chapter without its founder, we know Monsignor’s work and accomplishments will always be remembered. All one has to do is look around the Central Ward of Newark to see the physical changes he helped bring about. Beyond these physical structures, Monsignor Linder’s work touched the lives of thousands through education, housing, health care and employment.

We continue to ask for the support of everyone connected to New Community as we go forward in keeping with Monsignor’s spirit of hope. After all, we will need the help of others to ensure New Community is able to serve those in need of our services.

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