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New Community’s administrative professionals enjoyed an event in their honor April 25, Administrative Professionals Day.

Recognizing NCC’s Administrative Professionals

New Community’s administrative professionals took part in a celebration of the work they do April 25 at St. Joseph Plaza.

The event, which took place on Administrative Professionals Day, was all about thanking the employees and giving them a chance to relax.

New Community CEO Richard Rohrman thanked the employees for their hard work and for being the face of the organization to the public.

“You really carry New Community’s name and New Community’s mission. And you transfer that to the people you see,” he said. “You really are the first impression that many people have of New Community and I want to thank you for the great job you do representing New Community.”

As a token of appreciation, employees received gift cards to a variety of places, including AMC, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bed Bath & Beyond, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Burger King, Best Buy and Uber.

New Community Chief of Staff Kathy Spivey told the group to make sure they use the gift cards to get something for themselves.

“We understand that you have stressful times but today is giving you that opportunity to think about you,” she said, adding that when you take care of yourself, you’re able to be more effective.

New Community Director of Mission Frances Teabout spoke at the event about how to reduce stress and live a balanced life. She gave three Rs to help with that goal: recall, reflect and relax. She asked employees to recall a time in their life that was stress-free, and think about the goals they had at that time. Then she told them to reflect on the reason some of those dreams or goals didn’t come true and determine if they could still be possibilities. Finally, Teabout told the group to relax and enjoy life because we only have limited time in this world.

“Since our days are short and they are numbered, we should use them in positive ways and we should live every day to the fullest,” she said. “And so that is our challenge to you: That you relax and enjoy life because we only go around one time.”

The event included relaxation tips and exercises aimed to calm. Participants got to color, which is a stress-reducing activity. They watched a few videos aimed to entertain and ended with lunch and cake.

New Community’s Human Resources Department organized the event and HR Manager Anna Sing-King served as the day’s host.

Employees Recognized:

Helen Abraha (Corporate Office), Amalia Aldana (Adult Learning Center), Peggy Barnes (Environmental Services), Deborah Bell (SAIF), Deborah Bradley (Automotive Training Center), Clara Brown (New Start), Tangula Brown (HHELC), Brenda Buesing (Human Resources), Delores Bynum (Extended Care), Trudiann Clement (New Community Federal Credit Union), Adalberto Diaz (Extended Care), Jada Fitzgerald (Management), Manuela Garcia (Management), Lovelene Glaude (Workforce Development Center), Janesa Henry (Security), Lawrence Iben (Extended Care), Toshia Laberth (Human Resources), Savadogo Maurice (Extended Care), Madeline Miller (Extended Care), Jeanette Morales (Environmental Services), Nelly Noel (CHELC), Martina Nunez (Adult Learning Center), Marilyn Rodriguez (Family Service Bureau), Debbie Rohrman (Corporate Office), Dianette Roman (Family Service Bureau), Madelyn Rosa Reyes (Harmony House), Migdalia Serrano (Family Service Bureau), Aliya Wadood (CHELC) and Patricia Washington (Corporate Office).

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