Employee Of The Month: Sammy Gebreyesus

Samson “Sammy” Gebreyesus started his career at New Community and is the asset manager.
Samson “Sammy” Gebreyesus started his career at New Community and is the asset manager.

Samson Gebreyesus knows the ins and outs of every building across the New Community network.

It’s his job to ensure that the properties meet specific standards and pass a battery of inspections from local and federal agencies.

“Your eyes always have to be open,” Gebreyesus, who is known to most as “Sammy,” said of his role as asset manager.

Gebreyesus was previously  promoted from property manager to asset manager, a position that oversees all of New Community’s portfolio of properties, said Fonda Porter, director of Property Management.

He is also a certified federal, state and city inspector, according to Porter.

No two days on the job look the same for Gebreyesus, who spends most of the workday outside his office. He spends significant time ensuring that NCC buildings are ready for the scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which administers the Real Estate Assessment Center Inspection, a high-stakes visit that yields either a pass or fail score and can potentially impact the amount of federal housing subsidies received by the corporation.

Additionally, he ensures that New Community properties receive certifications from state inspectors and also abide by the city’s code enforcement.

“I make sure they’re up to standards,” Gebreyesus said. He also works closely with the property managers to troubleshoot any issues on site.

In 2014, Gebreyesus marked 25 years of working at NCC and was awarded the Monsignor William J. Linder Award, New Community’s highest honor.

He started his career as a waiter at the Priory restaurant, which has since been transformed into the headquarters of the corporation. As New Community expanded, so did the number of responsibilities held by Gebreyesus. He worked his way up to maître d’ and then restaurant manager before transitioning to the department of Property Management.

He also takes on special projects, such as spearheading the city’s recycling initiative within New Community’s senior buildings and worked with La Casa de Don Pedro to take advantage of the agency’s weatherization program, which resulted in $450,000 in building improvements such as new windows at New  Community Sussex Gardens.

Gebreyesus feels privileged to have worked at New Community long enough to witness Monsignor William J. Linder’s vision grow, flourish and positively impact the city.

“The more I work, the more I appreciate the company,” he said. In his free time, Gebreyesus said that he enjoys spending quality time with his family.  He is married to Helen Abraha and they have two daughters.

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