Treated To Lunch, NCC Vets Dine At Applebee’s

Veterans Day Applebees 265 and 140 table
New Community residents from Gardens Senior and Commons Senior who served in the armed forces enjoyed a free meal at Applebee’s in Newark on Veteran’s Day.
Veterans Day Applebees Darrel Armstrong and Derrick Wisdom
Darrel Armstrong, left, and Derrick Wisdom, both residents of Douglas Homes, wait for their meals.
Veterans Day Applebees Daryl Poe and Jose Torres
Daryl Poe, left, and Jose Torres, both residents of Douglas Homes, enjoyed a menu selection that included sirloin steak, double crunch shrimp and fiesta lime chicken.
Veterans Day Applebees Seldon Childs, Darrel Armstrong and Ray Hopkins
Commons Senior residents Seldon Childs, left, and Ray Hopkins, right, with Darrel Armstrong, center.


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