New Community Asks For Your Support During Annual Fundraising Campaign

Byron Simmons, a junior, in his American history class at St. Benedict’s Prep, an all-boys school in Newark.
Byron Simmons, a junior, in his American history class at St. Benedict’s Prep, an all-boys school in Newark.

Dear Friends of New Community,

Stable communities, strong families, a solid foundation for our youth.

What are these worth to you personally?

I imagine you would say, “A lot.”

You can play a role in accomplishing all of these things with your gift to New Community Corporation. Donors like you are extremely important to us. Your gift has the power to help transform the life of a struggling student, unemployed young adult or homeless family, helping to solve some of America’s most pressing social challenges.

With your donation, you are saying “Yes!” I can make a difference in someone’s life.

That one person may be someone like Bryon Simmons, a junior at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School. A Newark native, Byron is a recipient of the Monsignor William J. Linder Scholarship Fund, which makes it financially possible for him to attend the prestigious, all-boys private school.

Byron previously struggled while attending public school, which included charter schools, and got “lost” academically, his mother, Michele Simmons, said. Now an active 16-year-old, Byron maintains a solid GPA while running track and cross country, and is seeking a student leadership role within his junior class. “I see myself as more mature, actually trying to apply myself to the work that I’m doing,” he said of being able to attend St. Benedict’s Prep through the scholarship fund.

Byron dreams of becoming an engineer one day and his future is bright because of supporters like you.

Please help New Community continue its life-changing work. Our mission to improve the quality of life for inner-city residents—including our youth—must remain alive to give people hope for the future. Every gift is valued and the return on your investment will be counted many times over in the lives you touch.

With Sincere Appreciation for Your Generosity,

Monsignor William J. Linder

Founder and Board Chairman

New Community Corporation

P.S. A gift of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more will go a long way in helping a young person like Byron realize their dreams; move a  homeless family from dependency to self-sufficiency or ensure a poor child receives a quality pre-school education at one of our two early learning centers.

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