NCC Announces Opening Of Financial Opportunity Center

New Community Workforce Development Center is proud to announce the opening of a new Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) to serve low to moderate income residents.

The purpose of the center, also called an FOC, is to help individuals and families in need of financial services boost their earnings, reduce expenses and make good financial decisions that lead to asset building through an integrated service model approach.

The FOC will be located inside the Pathmark Shopping Center, at the site currently known as the NCC Family Resource Success Center at 131-185 Bergen St. in Newark. The opening of the new FOC, which will include the hiring of new staff, will serve to rebrand the Family Resource Success Center as a transformed NCC site that’s enhanced with an expanded offering of financial services.

The following services will be offered at the FOC:

  • Employment services
  • Financial coaching
  • Public benefits screening
  • Job preparation
  • Credit counseling
  • Financial literacy

Referral to NCC job training programs such as automotive, building trades, culinary arts, healthcare and retail

Students enrolled in the job training courses offered through NCC’s Workforce Development Center will be among the primary targeted audience to receive services at the FOC, according to Rodney Brutton, director of Workforce Development.

“The Financial Opportunity Center will be the bridge to develop quality financial habits in our students and will ensure that they understand that making good financial choices leads to greater stability,” he said.

Additionally, employees of New Community and low to moderate income residents of the area can avail themselves of services at the FOC, which opens November of 2015 with five staff members.

The Family Resource Success Center will continue to exist and offer its services, such as NJ Shares, free tax preparation and sewing classes, within the revamped space designed for the FOC. The FOC will be open Monday through Friday from 9 am. to 5 p.m. (with evening hours). The phone number for the FOC will remain the same as the current main number for the Center at 973-565-9500.

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