NCC Pays Tribute On Grandparents’ Day

CHELC foster grandparents group_cropped CHELC foster grandparents party

NCC’s Community Hills Early Learning Center honored its foster grandparents for the important role they fill in the lives of the students at CHELC during a special Grandparents’ Day celebration. The grandparents offer students support, both physical and emotional, and provide a comforting presence in each classroom. To show appreciation, students at CHELC created cards for the foster grandparents from felt material that were displayed in the hallway, and staff prepared a delicious luncheon. From left: CHELC Director Cheryl Mack; Linette Wint, Infant Room foster grandparent; Family Worker Abigail Osorto, Joyce Blakey, Pre-K foster grandparent; Mattie Allison, Pre-K 3 Classroom foster grandparent; Gena Johnson, Toddler 2 Classroom foster grandparent; and Family Worker Yvette Johnson. For more information about CHELC, call 973-621-0852.

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