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Let It All Out

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By Lesley Leslie

Lesley Leslie -new Clarion photoDo you remember being called a “crybaby” when you were younger? There was a popular song that the kids would mockingly sing if you ever happened to be seen crying at any point during your elementary school years. It went like this: “Cry Baby, Cry Baby, stick your head in gravy, wash it out with bubble gum and send it to the Navy!”

Children can be so cruel.

The thing about crying is that it is something that you can do to express both joy and sadness.  What an amazing emotion! Equally amazing is the fact that our tears provide an important function for our bodies. Through a process called lacrimation, tears clean and lubricate the eyes.  Toxins can build up in your body when negative emotions affect you. When your tears flow, they flush out some of those toxins and chemicals in the body. Getting rid of those toxins is a good thing. Hormones in the body contribute to or influence the flow of our tears. Thus, women tend to cry more often and more easily than men. This fact has contributed to the widespread belief that crying is a sign of weakness, given that women are viewed as the weaker sex.

But believe it or not, crying is actually a stress reliever! That is why it is not uncommon to hear someone say, “After a good cry, I feel so much better.” The body has several natural methods of dealing with stress and one of those methods is in our eyes. As we strive to live happier, healthier lives, we have to embrace the tools that are readily available to us and not be so concerned about how society will view us.

If crying is going to help you deal with some issues that are standing between you and your personal growth, then go ahead, cry and let it all out. Afterwards, dry your tears and move on to the next challenge that life brings your way.