NCC Celebrates Black History Month

BlackHistoryMonthStudents at Community Hills Early Learning Center displayed their dramatic flair during Black History Month. The performances included: Room 1, “I Love America” and “I Have A Dream,” led by teachers Gertrude McLean and Latisha Malone; Room 2, “I Am Somebody,” led by teachers Mercedes Navarrete and Elise Palacios; Room 3, “African American Accomplishments” and “Working Together,” led by teachers Michelle Chatman and China Washington; Room 4, “Freedom, Freedom Let It Ring,” led by teachers Hope Okpala and Sharon Brown; Room 5, “America’s Greatest Farmer,” led by teachers Kelly Page and Michelle Jenkins; Room 6, “Freedom, Freedom Let It Ring,” led by teachers Evelyn John and Damari Hernandez; Room 7, “I Am” and “The Traffic Light,” led by teachers Cheryl Lawrence-Hayes and Zoisha Holder; Toddler 1, “Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and “Working On The Railroad,” led by teachers Carolyn Bell, Lateisha Telfair, Kim Hawkins and Cecilia Ortiz; and Toddler 2, “Who Am I,” led by teachers Carolyn Lowe, Beverly Johnson and Lawrece Anderson. Photos courtesy of Greg Johnson.

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