Harmony House Hosts Discussion On Health, Asthma

Harmony House med student glucose check Harmony House med students speaking

First- and second-year medical students from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School recently visited Harmony House to discuss health topics such as asthma and provide free blood pressure and blood glucose screenings to residents of the transitional housing facility for homeless families. The medical school does community outreach, such as visiting Harmony House, once or twice a month, according to Chris Azelby, a second-year medical student. The homeless population is particularly at high risk of developing illnesses or letting existing ailments go untreated, Azelby noted. “It’s kind of the least of their worries,” she said. In photo on left, Samantha Reese gets her finger pricked for a blood glucose test. Harmony House residents also received free giveaways of health and hygiene items.

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