New Horizons Community Charter School

New Horizons Community Charter School

(973) 848-0400
45 Hayes Street
Newark, NJ 07103


Established in 1998 by New Community Corporation (NCC), New Horizons Community Charter School is a public charter school that’s responsible for the education of 500 children in grades kindergarten through five and has been operating in its permanent home on Hayes Street in Newark.

New Horizons is an effective and refreshing alternative to traditional public education in Newark. Students are taught using a structured and compelling core curriculum that has produced major gains in student achievement and testing.

New Horizons features smaller class sizes compared to Newark Public Schools, longer school days and a longer school year. Discipline is a hallmark of the New Horizons’ educational environment and all students wear uniforms and adhere to a code of conduct that ensures a productive learning environment while rewarding students for achievement and positive behavior.

The charter school’s approach to urban education has shown results. Reading test scores for the youngest students at New Horizons have shown dramatic gains, with most students reading a year ahead of their peers. Some first-grade students have reached third-grade reading levels. The New Horizons curriculum features a program known as “accelerated reading” that involves learning sounds and words and, finally, learning to read stories. New Horizons is housed in a $6.3 million facility developed by New Community that opened in September 2000. The school includes 19 classrooms, a computer lab, library, health office and dining hall.

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